NNNCo is committed to providing secure access to the network where it is needed throughout Australia. In order to achieve large-scale roll-out of the narrowband network, our approach is based on these key principles:


An open and interoperable platform that allows for a growing ecosystem is essential for players to collaborate, build critical mass and ensure long-term sustainability. This removes unnecessary barriers to entry by reducing the need to make large investments, purchase proprietary solutions, or take up expensive spectrum.


NNNCo has built strong partnerships with leading utilities and large industrial-grade organisations. Together we’re leveraging existing infrastructure and assets to reduce capital costs and achieve large-scale roll-out.


We’re leveraging local innovation on the back of global standards and economies of scale to continually develop new solutions and overcome technical and cost-based barriers to entry.


NNNCo provides technology solutions such as end-to-end multi-cast functionality that enable organisations to scale quickly and cost-effectively from trial to roll-out.


We are able to provide tightly controlled security capabilities while utilising the larger set of open standards-based infrastructure. Guarantee of coverage is important to us because we believe that when it comes to data Every Bit Counts.

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